Having a trendy wedding with tech-filled nuptials is not just centered on only using e-vites or a personalized website. Virtually all parts of the wedding can involve the use of tech, from planning the event, seating arrangements, the actual wedding day timeline, entertainment, documentation and lots more. Using tech to organize a wedding allows for a seamless wedding experience for you and your guests. From the time you say “I do” up to the time you write your “thank you ” cards (and even those can be sent using apps :), these are the top 5 popular applications for planning a wedding;

1. WeddingHappy (Free): This is a smart wedding planning application that is capable of asking for your anticipated wedding date after which it builds a customized schedule, with a to-do checklist to help you determine what needs to get done and when. WeddingHappy acts as a personal assistant, it is preloaded with tasks to guide users through their to-dos, and it also alerts you when they approach deadlines.

2. Wedding LookBook (Free): The Wedding LookBook is like Pinterest for weddings. It can be used to search for the perfect dress whether it is a ultra modern style or a classic ball gown and everything in between. It is also used to check out engagement rings and wedding bands, bridesmaid and flower girls dresses and so much more.
Wedding LookBook

3. Table Plan (Free): Table planning is a must use for those trying to keep all their guests happy. It simplifies the process by allowing you to easily add as many guests as you like before moving them around on the screen. Users can easily set different restrictions, thereby leaving the app to do it automatically if you don’t have any preferences.

4. Riley & Grey: Riley & Grey is an app which the design-minded brides go to create their wedding hubs. Modern templates are included every few months to keep everything fresh and to prevent accidental use of the same design as one of your BFF’s :) This app is not only gorgeous but also user-friendly, it has features like; RSVP, making a cohesive brand for your wedding, your love story, bridal-party bios, as well as where to book your flights, where to stay, eat and drink.

5. Postable: This app is simply the best for painless thank-yous, after returning from your honeymoon. Life always seems to just take off and you tend to put off writing your thanking cards. With postable, you just ype a heartfelt message, add recipients addresses, and the site will print the cards, put them in envelopes, and mail them for you. Also, Postable makes use of smart fonts, so repeat letters are different from one another. If you’re on a time crunch this is a great app but hand written cards with personal thank you’s is always the best :)