Have a fun and creative photo session in the Box at Misha Media Studio.  Bring your family, props and your smiles :)





    • 30-45 minute photo session
    • Online Image Gallery
    • High Resolution 4 boxed Digital Collage
    • +$50 for an additional 4 boxed Digital Collage
    • 30-45 minute photo session
    • Online Image Gallery
    • High Resolution 9 boxed Digital Collage
    • +$100 for an additional 9 boxed Digital Collage


    • 5x5 print - $25
    • 8x8 print - $30
    • 12x12 print - $50
    • 20X20 print - $125
    • 5x5 album 20 page - $150
    • 8x8 album 20 page - $300
    • 10x10 album 20 page - $400
    • 12X12 album 20 page - $500
    • 6X6 - $150
    • 10X10 - $200
    • 12X12 - $225
    • 16X16 - $250
    • 20X20 - $425
    • 30X30 - $475
    • Ornaments - $20
    • Holiday Cards Qty 25 - $90

Commonly asked questions

Where is your studio located?

Our studio is located at 1608 Colonial Pkwy #103, Inverness, IL 60067.  We are 5 minutes from Medieval Times in Schaumburg and 10 minutes from Woodfield Mall.  Click here for Google Maps link:

How long are the Boxed In sessions?

Each session lasts 30-45 minutes

Can I bring my own props?

Yes, although we do have limited amount of props in studio, we want this session to be personalized and unique to you so we encourage you to bring your own props too :)

What should we wear?

You can wear anything you want but we do suggest coordinating with the family.  For our personal session we chose jeans and a cream top, other families wore matching pajamas.  It can be as casual or as crazy as you want.

How many photos will you take?

We do not limit the amount of photos or poses taken in the 30-45 minute session.  We will upload a gallery online and you will be able to chose which photos go in the 9 box collage.

Can I order prints?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to buy prints from your online gallery.

Can I bring my pets?

Although we would love that you bring your pets, unfortunately management does not allow pets in the building.  We are looking for a location that is pet friendly so if you would like to be on the list, please email us at to be informed of the pet sessions.

How many people can fit in the box?

We fit 5 male adults in the box at one time…. it wasn’t pretty but it is possible LOL.

Can I do a Boxed In session for other themes?

Yes!  We can do them for birthdays, high school seniors, engagments, weddings, bat/bar mitzvah and babys first year sessions.  We are always open to new ideas too.

Will Santa be there?

We have images of our Santa that can be placed in the box collage upon request.  We do not have Santa physically present.

What happens after the Boxed In session?

2-3 days after your session you will be sent a password protected online gallery where you can choose your favorite images for your collage.  You will be able to choose which photo goes in each box.   We will color correct and retouch the images and magically place them in the collage and send them on their merry way direct to you :)

Can I buy individual Boxed In images?

Yes, they are $20 per image.

What dates are you offering the Boxed In sessions?

We are a full service photo studio by appointment only.  We do not have special select dates for the Boxed In sessions so please let us know what dates and times are convenient for you and we can schedule a session for you.  Contact us

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