Cambodian Wedding Photographer Chicago | Lalin & James -


Cambodian Wedding Photographer Chicago | Lalin & James

Congratulations Lalin & James!  Imagine having to change into 4 different outfits in one day!  Lalin & James did!  They celebrated their full wedding weekend first with Cambodian traditional ceremonies and I absolutely LOVED all the colors from their ceremonies!

Cambodian weddings traditionally consist of ceremonies and celebrations lasting three days and three nights.  However, due to the time constraints of the couples and guests,  ceremonies are typically completed in just one day.

The first ceremony is the presentation of Dowry / Groom’s Procession also known as

“Hai Goan Gomloh”

Guests are handed matching gold trays of fruits and gifts as they arrive so they can join in the procession, symbolic of his journey to the bride’s home.  The trays are then arranged on the table.

Amazing details on all of their outfits!

The second ceremony is the Hair Cutting Ceremony also known as the
“Cut Sah”

The third ceremony is the Passing of Blessings / Seven Rotations also known as the
“Bangvel Po Pil”

The fourth ceremony is the Pairing / Knot Tying Ceremony also known as the

“Sompeas Ptem”

The fifth and last ceremony is the Buddhist Blessings also known as the
“Spath Mon” which will conclude the wedding.


  1. Jeff loeung says:

    Beautiful and elegant wedding costumes which fits for Royal Ceremony.

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