robilyn & darell :: wedding rehearsal

Here are some shots from Robilyn & Darell’s wedding rehearsal.  One word summarizing their rehearsal = organized!  I usually do not get a bride and groom who are so actively part of the whole planning process.  It’s usually one or the other, but with these two, they had their own personal tasks and they shined in all tasks involved!  Robilyn with her very creative skills taking care of all the details of the wedding.  If you haven’t seen their wedding invitation yet, click here! She had made everything from scratch!  And Darell with his awesome organizational skills… you both rock!

Photography is all about light!  When we photographed Robilyn & Darell’s wedding rehearsal, I knew that the lighting that we had during the rehearsal wasn’t going to be the same lighting that we’d have for their actual wedding… It was a good 4 hour difference between the two… So when I saw this shot, I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to get it on their wedding day, but at least I got it for their rehearsal… This is Dad & Robilyn during the procession… They were walking down a small hill overlooking their ceremony site on the beach… Aside from the beautiful blue skies, it was super windy that day!  And we actually didn’t even get the clear blue skies on their wedding day, but overcast with clouds… (blog post coming later)…

After the rehearsal, they had a pool side luncheon for their friends and families.

They also had a surprise birthday cake for Darell’s mom :)

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  • Rich Pizzuti - Boston Wedding Photographer

    Great post and great coverage of the rehearsal!

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