meet mica

Mica is my sweet little God-daughter/niece!  She’s my brother’s daughter (Carlo and Mia).  Isn’t she a cutie?!  Those almond shaped eyes, chubby cheeks, and sweet, sweet face.  She’s adorable.  I just want to squeeze her every single time I see her!  Yay!  Misha has a first cousin now from my side of the family =D!  She adores her… I think she thinks Mica’s her dolly…

I love you Mica!

Love, Ninang Chele

She was doing so well with her mama’s pearls…

… until she got curious with them.

Misha misses you Mica… tell your parents that you want to come over!  =D

Carlo, the photo above is especially for you!

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  • Lisa

    Mica is soo adorable!! I LOVE that black and white one of her. Great job with the pics Michele.

  • mica's papa & mama :)

    Awwww look at those cute little toes:) mica says thanks Ninang!

  • mica's papa & mama :)

    Awww thanks Ninang! Mica and mommy enjoyed this photoshoot! She had fun with Ate Misha too! We love the pics!
    Love, Carlo & Mia & baby Mica:)

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