glenview kids photography | nico & jack

This is why you want to capture the little ones… take a look at Nico & Jack from a couple of years ago when I photographed them…  Wow, have they grown since then!  Now, they are two little boys who love to play wtih Transformers and “Plants vs. Zombies” on the iPad!  Another fun session with these two…boys will be boys!  Thank you for allowing me to capture Nico & Jack again.  It’s always a pleasure =D

So handsome!

Boys will be boys!

Do you remember those days when we’d run just for the heck of it and race each other just ‘coz?  Oh to be young again!

This is so Nico!  Cute!

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  • Rowena

    After the photo session I told Marc that the boys were not so cooperative. But then we both came to the conclusion that this has happened with every session (this is now our 4th)…and your pictures turn out to be more than we could have imagined. This time was no different. Thank you once again for your amazing work. And thanks for reminding me (because sometimes I forget) that “boys will be boys” :)

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