adrian + 1?

I cannot wait to meet Adrian’s baby sister… or is it going to be a baby brother??  I’m not very good at guessing the sex of the baby since I guessed incorrectly with Adrian the first time around, but I know that baby #2 will definitely be a cutie!  I have been photographing Adrian for over a year now and it’s so great to see him grow!  He is now a little more than a year and a half and he’s grown to be such a cute toddler.  Those beautiful brown eyes are just so darling!  And I am so envious of his forever long eyelashes…

Adrian loves his books!

Beautiful Berenice… She definitely has that certain glow about her!  Congrats on baby #2!

Adrian thought it was funny as I was lying down on the sidewalk to get this shot…

Puzzle time with Daddy!

Adrian was so proud to show me his “big boy” bed!

See what I mean?  Super long lashes!  Love them!

’til next time…

Nick & Berenice, you have a beautiful family and we are so happy that there’s going to be a new addition soon!  Thank you once again for trusting us in capturing your family!

Michele & Andy

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