:: congrats to my lil sis ::

It was her dimples… Kristine’s dimples were pretty much the first thing I noticed when she was a newborn… Although we are 13 years apart (yes, I realize I am revealing my age), we’ve always been so close and no age difference mattered.  She’s not only my favorite sister =D,  but also my best friend.  Ever since she was two, we made a pact of kissing our pinky fingers and touching them together and saying “sisters forever.”

Now, she is a beautiful, lovely lady, with a bright future ahead of her!  Kristine graduated from the University of Illinois College of Education about 2 weeks ago and my whole family was there to witness this huge milestone in Kristine’s life.   It is my parent’s dream to have all of 4 of us graduate college so it was truly a momentous event for my family…

Congratulations ‘Stine!  This blog is dedicated to you!  I love you!  I am so very proud of you.  I know that you will be a great teacher.  You have the capability of touching many children’s hearts and minds and I know that you will teach from your heart and motivate all that’s around you!

© Misha Media Photography© Misha Media Photography

Kristine at 2

© Misha Media Photography© Misha Media Photography

© Misha Media Photography

On her way to accept her diploma

© Misha Media Photography

Wooo hoooooo!

© Misha Media Photography

Our proud parents

© Misha Media Photography

My family… Misha was a little shy for the photo ;(

© Misha Media Photography

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to capture Kristine in her school while she student-taught.  And wow did she blow me away!  She was speaking to her students in her ‘teacher’ voice which was pretty awesome!  Ever since then, I look at her a little different… She’s not just my little sister anymore, but a highly respected teacher by her students!  It was pretty easy to tell that her students loved her!

© Misha Media Photography© Misha Media Photography

Kristine said her good-bye’s to her students and she personally hand wrote a letter to each of them!  This is one of those moments when I had tears in my eyes as I was shooting away… She was very dedicated to each of her students and she let them know how much she cared about each and every one of them…

© Misha Media Photography

Go get ’em ‘Stine!  Sisters Forever!  I love you!

Love, At

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  • Khariza

    Better Late than never! Congratulations Teacher Kristine!

  • Karen Gonzales-Briones

    Congratulations Kristine!! You’re definitely going to be a great teacher….we’re all proud of you!! Ate Michele, i love this blog you dedicated to Kristine… it makes me want to have a sister like you =)

  • Marc

    Awesome! Tell your sister congratulations for me!

  • Rhea Modesto

    You are both fascinating! I envy the love you have for stine. It shows in the photos how much you adore here, lucky tin!

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