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I love hearing about how people get engaged… Sheryn and Tim’s proposal story is something that really stuck with me.  Maybe I’m a little biased because it’s photography based… You see, Tim is a product photographer/graphic designer.  He wanted to really think outside the box and propose to Sheryn with the help of his camera… He proposed to her at the beautiful Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, where they actually had their first date.  Tim took a picture of Sheryn on the cliff and after taking the photo, he knew she would ask to see it…  After she saw the picture, she realized that there were a lot more pictures to show her in that memory stick!  Frame by frame, there was a new photo of Tim expressing his love for Sheryn…  On the very last frame was a picture of her engagement ring with a card saying “Will you marry me?”  Needless to say, she said “Yes!”  It was so clever, so photography related, I had goose bumps just listening to them tell me all about it!  Sheryn and Tim are so in L-O-V-E!  I can tell by the way they look at each other…  Almost as if we weren’t there, and nothing else really mattered for that moment in time… Just the two of them…

Sheryn & Tim, thank you so much for a beautiful afternoon in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach. Although it was a cold and gloomy day, you guys really rocked it out!  Thank you for your trust in us in capturing these images.  Enjoy!  Also, special thank you to MaeJane and Roda for referring Sheryn to us! And last but not least, thank  you to Janmarc for assisting!

Michele & Andy

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Fun Fact: I was terrified of the animal sounds and bug sounds during this session!  I didn’t realize there were so many at Crystal Cove beach!  =/  AND we saw a bobcat right before their session began!  Sorry, no pictures because I didn’t have my camera at that point yet…

What’s New? Three and O for the Bulls! Oh yeah!!!  They really have to play much cleaner and less turnovers before the next round… but first, will it be a SWEEP?!  Go Bulls!  And have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!




These are just so Abercrombie-ish… love it!


Sheryn, you are going to be such a stunning bride!


1, 2, 3, Jump!


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  • Sarah Follan

    Your images definitely capture their love for each other. What a gorgeous looking couple and beautiful locations. Great job!

  • Joel Llacar

    SEXY Couple! The soon to be bride is BEAUTIFUL! Great location! Great lighting!! Love the composition!! Good Job Misha Media!!

  • Ruben Edgardo

    This photographs have a beautiful couple, in a beatuful setting with beautiful images. What else can you ask? Just gorgeous!

  • Danielle

    Love that first series of three, so sweet!

  • Leujay

    I love the range of emotion the couple pulled off. Serious, passionate, playful, loving, comedic!

  • Rengie

    What a lovely couple. You’ve definitely captured the love and connection between the two. Great job Michele & Andy!

  • Cesar Palima

    Awesome! I love it!

  • Ace

    Love the first 3 shots of the couple. Nice engagement venue you got there, I’ve been wanting to do some shoots in Crystal Cove. Can’t wait for you folks to branch out/move here in Los Angeles or Orange County :)

  • Tara

    What a cute couple! they look so happy together :)

  • Alex L.

    I felt the love. Wondeful shots!

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