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Filipino Debut Cotillion Photos | Raechel

Raechel’s Cotillion was absolutely beautiful!  Her big celebration was held at the Renaissance Schaumburg.  I absolutely LOVED her pink gown!  Raechel was such a stunning debutante!

A “Cotillion”, also known as a “Debut”, is a traditional Filipino celebration of a young woman’s 18th birthday.  The debutante typically has a court that dances the waltz during the reception.  The Debutante also has 18 roses and 18 candles presented by people who have made an impact and is very special in the debutante’s life.  It’s a fun celebration welcoming the celebrant into adulthood.

Filipino Cotillion celebration

Filipino Cotillion reception

Filipino Cotillion dancing

Filipino Cotillion 18 roses

Filipino Cotillion dance

Filipino Cotillion debut cake with background gobo

Filipino Cotillion cake

Filipino Cotillion debut

Filipino Cotillion solo

Filipino Cotillion with parents

Filipino Cotillion with escort

Filipino Cotillion court

Filipino Cotillion dress

Filipino Cotillion 18

The Traditional Filipino Cotillion/Debut

  • Parents give a welcoming speech to the guests
  • 18 men are selected that consist of brothers, cousins, uncles and friends.  These are the important people that has helped her in to become the woman that she is today.  They will each dance with her one by one to waltz music, and then each will give her a single long-stem red rose.
  • The last dance is always reserved for the father, or a father figure.Sometimes this is a separate dance from the 18 roses.
  • 18 females will say a speech and give kind words regarding their relationship with the celebrant. This is followed by the lighting of their candles and making a wish.
  • If her father or grandfather is not present, she will also be given 18 white roses to represent them.
  • The entourage will then do a Cotillion dance to waltz music which is one of the highlights of the evening.  The entourage gets together months before to practice.
  • The celebration ends with the debutante giving a speech, the wisdom she has learned up to this point and finally thanking her family and everyone who supported her throughout her journey into adulthood.
  • Afterwards, dance floor opens up and the party begins.

Twists that we have seen…

  • For the 18 roses, the first dance is with her father and the last one is with a boyfriend or her best friend.
  • Instead of 18 roses it’s 18 shots…
  • Instead of 18 candles it is 18 small gifts from the girl and a small speech on the meaning and what the debutante means to them
  • Many cotillions are themed anywhere from traditional to superheroes.
  • At the time of this writing, choreography is big and the entourage will do a dance.  One with the girls, one with the guys and the whole entourage.
  • Debutante will show her talents like playing an instrument or singing.

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