She wakes up in the morning to the most delicious pancakes that her dad made for her… and he will always tell her “You’ll go a long way, just always make sure that whatever happens, family comes first.  Don’t lose hope and never give up.”  And when they finish eating, they start singing videoke at the top of their lungs… and he will yell, “more! more!” in the most sarcastic way… this is her most fondest memory growing up….

She is Daddy’s little girl and she became a nurse to take care of him the best way she could.  He always told her how important family is and she never forgets that, even though he’s not with her today.

At the age of 14, her family migrated to the US and she was left in the Philippines to finish school.  She was very independent at a young age.  She works hard to help her mom and brothers.  Her strength and love for her family continues to keep them together, just as her dad would have wanted.   The times she feels the weakest and thinks she doesn’t have the strength anymore… she just looks up… closes her eyes and hears her dad’s voice telling her “Get your act together, you’re a big girl now. You can do this.” She finds her strength, and knows that everything will fall into place.

The rose and butterfly on her back is a tribute to her dad, a symbol of love and life.  Even though her dad is gone, his love is what keeps their family alive.

She lives everyday with hope and happiness knowing that that is what her dad wanted for her and that is what she wants for herself.

She is currently engaged to a man who she can’t wait to spend forever with.  She has two very charming and huggable puppies that brighten up her day and make all her worries go away.

She’s Cola and that’s her story.


Meet Cola.

Cola is in her 20’s and happily engaged.  She is bubbly, loud, sporty, and adventurous.  Being a diehard Bulls fan, she named her dogs after her favorite players Boozer and Rose (Rozy, to be exact).  She absolutely adores them!

Cola was so much fun to photograph.   Her eagerness to be photographed made it so easy!  We are so excited to capture her marriage to Francis next year!  Thank you Cola for being you!

xoxox ~ Michele

Beauty Tip: “Be yourself! There is nothing sexier to a man than a woman who handles herself well!”

Perfect Job: Dance Instructor

Life Lesson:  “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Love the people who treat you right and forget the ones who don’t. Laugh til your stomach hurts, Love unconditionally. LIVE everyday as if it were your last.”

Cola’s Hair and Make Up by Francesca of Entourage Hair Salon & Spa 

A special thank you to Linda for styling and assisting with May’s shoot!

:: Be inspired :: Be confident :: Be you ::

xoxo Michele

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