Why I decided to do Beautiful Sessions… 

PERSEVERANCE.  This is emblazoned across her wrist in the ancient Filipino script, baybain or alibata.  It is in memory of her great aunt, Lola Corazon, a strong, good hearted and very independent woman that raised her.  Although a disciplinarian and strict, May was very fond of her and quick to pick up on these traits.  At the age of 11, her biggest role model and inspiration passed due to diabetes… May was devastated.  Not knowing how to handle the situation, she became an introvert, focusing on school and isolating herself from the outside world.  As time passed, she realized that her great aunt would not want her to live life this way, so she decided to mold her perspective into a more positive one.  This was a difficult journey for her, one that she chose to take on by herself.    Through these tough times, she found strength from the words that her great aunt instilled in her growing up, “You must persevere.”  Because of the challenges faced through several years, she became the strong, driven woman that she is today, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Her positive outlook comes from knowing that her great aunt would have wanted her to live life this way.  Not a day goes by that May doesn’t think of her, she is happy to have shared her life with such an extraordinary woman.

“At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing, is reason enough to celebrate. Enjoy everyday.  We are not getting any younger.”

She’s May, and that’s her story.


Meet May.

May is in her 20’s and “making the most of it.”  She describes herself as girly girl, adventurous, career oriented, and crafty.

Beauty tip: A smile is the most beautiful accessory you can wear!

On my free time, I like to… Balance is important. Working too much can be stressful and exhausting; so when I’m not working, I like to take advantage of this time to run errands, work out, and hang out with friends and family. When I notice that I lack “me” time, I’m never shy to watch a movie out in theaters or go to a sit-down restaurant for lunch and dinner alone.

Perfect Job: “Mrs. Smith”  In Mr. and Mrs. Smith

My fondest memory growing up… Learning how to brush my teeth from my great aunt!

May’s Hair and Make Up by Francesca of Entourage Hair Salon & Spa 

A special thank you to Linda for styling and assisting with May’s shoot!

:: Be inspired :: Be confident :: Be you ::


xoxo Michele

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Why I decided to do Beautiful Sessions… 

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