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Photos to Capture of the Groom on Your Chicago Wedding Day

Now that you are engaged, know that it’s time to begin planning your wedding!


However, you may have been planning your big day since you were a little girl. Whether you threw on your mother’s heels and the most beautiful dress you could find, walking around pretending to be a bride, or if you have just recently found excitement for your wedding day, it’s important to remember that this isn’t just your celebration. In fact, your groom is an incredibly huge part of your big day too!

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Your groom is your soulmate, your other half. You two are joining each other in marriage and this is a special event for both of you. This man is your second half and he deserves attention too! And, his presence and the creativity of photos he will be in is equally important as the bride’s. After all, your groom is having his own completely unique experience on your wedding day too!

We believe that the bride and groom should both be presented with an array of lovely wedding photos! That’s why, here at Misha Media, as Chicago wedding photographers, we have gathered some photos that you will want to capture of the groom on your own big day. If you would like to discover what these photos are, be sure to continue reading:

  • The Details

    Just as your bridal ensemble has been chosen with care, your groom’s wedding ensemble has been too. The tie, cufflinks, shoes; your groom surely chose his ensemble to showcase his personal style. He may even feature items that hold a special meaning to him, such as a family heirloom, or an item he feels has been lucky for him, such as a watch or a pocket square. These are all details that you won’t want to forget, and your groom would certainly appreciate having photos of.

  • Moments with the Groomsmen

    Lifelong friends, brothers, cousins…your groom’s wedding lineup will feature many different meaningful relationships. Just as the time you spend with your girls is precious, so is the time your groom spends with his guys. As they are getting ready to make their way down the aisle, your photographer can stand back and capture the organic moments that your groom and his groomsmen share. From letting loose and having fun, to showcasing the serious bond they share, your groom and his groomsmen will provide some photos that will have you smiling when flipping through your wedding album.

  • Special Times with the Little Ones

    Perhaps you and your groom have children together, or children within your wedding. These little ones are very important to your groom and will certainly be present for the big day. Taking the time to capture those precious moments of the groom with the little ones that brighten your life, not only gets the children involved, but they definitely prove to be photos that you both will hold dear to your heart. Also, if your groom is more shy in front of the camera, having him spend time with the children will allow him to loosen up and allows him to reveal himself and show his loving and caring persona throughout each photo captured.

Your groom certainly deserves recognition through photography! These are just a few photos that you won’t want to miss out on capturing.

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Are you all set to hire your own wedding photographer in Chicago, Illinois to capture your nuptials? If so, please get in touch with us here at Misha Media, as we would be excited with the opportunity to be a part of your celebration!

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