sara @ 4 months

Sara is now 4 months old!  Isn’t she a cutie?! With this blog post, I really wanted to express as a photographer and a mommy myself, of how important it is to capture your little ones.  Let’s face it, they grow so quickly!  Capture them in their stage at this point in their lives.  It’s okay if they don’t look at the camera and smile at you… Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to frame those images, but capturing who they are at this age is priceless…If you have a toddler, like I do, it’s sometimes frustrating to get those images where they’re looking at you and smiling… Don’t fight it, just shoot… Capture them playing with their current favorite toys.  Capture them doing their current favorite activity.  Even though it’s an image that may embarrass them when they’re in junior high and high school,  I’m sure they’ll be proud to show it off on their photo montage when they get married… At the end of it all,  they’ll love you and appreciate you for capturing them… So when I chose these images of Sara for my blog post, I really wanted to show who she really is at 4 months… I know that when I see her again in her next installment of her “Grow with Me” session, she won’t be the same Sara at 4 months.  Enjoy!

xoxo from a Chicago Photographer & a Mommy,


When I look at this image of Sara, all I can think of as a caption is “wee!”

This is the pre-crawling stage where babies go on their tummies, feet up in the air, trying to get their balance and enjoying this new found strength when they actually enjoy tummy time…  Sometimes, they actually have their arms stretched out too.  In that case, the caption would be “super baby!”

The image above is from Sara’s first session of her “Grow with Me” package

I saw her purse her lips a few times during her session… so tiny and so cute!

… and make bubbles in her mouth…

… and kick with her feet, trying to get a bearing with the ground beneath her… preparing for her next milestone in her life : crawling

This image above was our “Behind the Capture” image from our Facebook Page.  (Join in on the conversations via Facebook!)

… it’s okay if all she wants to do is play with her feet!

… there goes her lips again! :)  it must be her “concentrating” look…

… and lastly, it’s okay if she wants to eat her toes… this is the only time she’ll do this… it goes fast, so why not capture it?!

I wanted to end with a halloween themed outfit that she wore towards the end of her session…

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  • Lisa

    love love LOVE these pics! Sara is so adorable!
    Great work Michele!

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