:: happy 60th ::

Happy Birthday to my Mom & Dad!  Ok, it’s actually my mom’s real birthday today and my dad’s was last July 9th.  They both just turned 60 and if I look half as good as they do when I’m 60, I’d be happy.

Mom and Dad, here’s to both of you for being such good parents to me and my 3 siblings.  Thank you for taking that giant leap of faith when you both decided to move our whole family from the Philippines to Chicago in 1982…. for a better life and a better future, with all of us in mind…  I’m proud to say that you did good raising 4 children in a different world, where every aspect of experience is brand new.  We’ve come a long way… Thank you for your guidance throughout school and life in general.  Your dreams of having all 4 of us graduate from college is coming to fruition, with Kristine’s graduation right around the corner…  Thank you for being such good role models to all of us.  You both are truly an inspiration.  I love you… We all love you…



The next two photos are baby photos of my parents… Seeing old photos like these just makes me love my job even more…

Knowing that someday down the line, the photographs that I’ve taken will mean so much more…


Mom, thank you for all your support and unconditional love.

20090407-misha-media-ps1Dad, thank you for providing for our family and being the rock.

Happy Birthday Mom (and Dad)!

Life Is Good…

C’mon blog friends and readers!  Go ahead and greet my Mom (and Dad) a Happy Birthday!  You know who you are.  They’d be so happy to hear from y’all!

Next Blog: Fashion Shoot w/ Tina & Caroline (I know, I know, I’m out of order but for real this time…)

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  • Khariza

    Happy Birthday Tita Neng! Always take good care and stay cool and gorgeous! Naks! I respect and admire you and tito loy for being good parents and raising your sons and daughters well. You deserve praises! Love you lots!

  • Linda Elizon

    Happy Birthday Neng! Love, Linda, Mon, Trish, Pia, RD & Carl (and the grandkids)

  • paolo

    to mom and dad…at took the words right out of my mouth! as we’re all progressing into the next phases of our lives (naks!) we continuously get reminded of how much of an influence and impact you’ve made on all of us. thanks always po for your unconditional love and suport, for having such high dreams for us and inspiring us, and for being so selfless. we’re all so blessed.

    happy birthday mom!!! peng peng! lifeisgood.

    love you,

  • Michael Santos

    Happy Birthday Tito and Tita! May you both be blessed with many, many, many, more years to come!

  • stine navea

    Happy 60th birthday Tita Neng and Tito Loy. Cute pictures! It’s funny how much your kids look just like you both.

  • reg

    Happy Birthday Tita Neng…Sending our love across the miles at the speed of light..

  • karen

    Happy Birthday Ninang!! Wow, I can’t believe you’re 60…you don’t look it at all. I just remembered from the wedding shower , someone (hmmm i think it’s honeylette) made a comment about how young you look and i totally agree with it. Stay beautiful po… wishin yah all the happiness in life!! *mwuahz

    Let me not forget to greet ninong Loy a Happy Birthday in advance!! In fairness to ninong loy, he looks like the older brother of Carlo & Chris. Stay happy po as I know you have a wonderful family that makes you feel young and happy =)

    Hope to see you soon…love from the Gonzales Family in NYC

  • gilda

    Haaapppy 60th birthday mom! (you don’t look like 60) ^_^ I wish you all the best things in life, good health, and more opportunity to travel the world. :) Love you mom!

  • Marc

    Too Cute. Happy Birthday to your parents!

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