Have an Unplugged Wedding!

Your photographer is very skilled and perfectly capable of capturing your wedding day. You surely know this, as you hired them for a reason. The only thing you may be anticipating more than your honeymoon after the wedding, is your wedding album. Filled with gorgeous photos of you and your partner, friends and family, and of course your wedding details.

However, are you anticipating those blurred, crooked, unfocused, and washed out photos from your guests? All too often, they can be unflattering to your wedding day, or be released before you are ready. Have you considered hosting an unplugged wedding?

Here at Misha Media Photography, we know how important your wedding photography is. That’s why we have put together a few ways you can host an unplugged wedding. If you want the best photos for your big day, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

  • Limited unplugged. If you don’t want to commit to a completely unplugged wedding, you don’t have to. Your wedding doesn’t need to be unplugged from start to finish. You can set designated times where cell phones and cameras should be put away, such as your ceremony, first dance, or the wedding toasts. These are special moments that you will want photos of, and want your guests to be clearly focused on. Having your DJ or other entertainer announce when your wedding has become unplugged is a great way to clear up any confusion, or you can place signs around your venue.

  • A little sneak peek. Your guests are anxious to see what beautiful photos have been taken of your wedding, especially if they are captured within them as well. You can talk with your photographer about releasing a few sneak-peek shots to calm your wedding guests. They will be pleased to see a few of the images until your wedding album is released.

  • Photo keepsake options. Your wedding photographer certainly won’t have any photos completed to send home with your guests at the end of your big day. However, that does not mean that your guests must leave empty handed. Bringing in a photo booth allows your guests to have photos for themselves, and enjoy personal photos. They will enjoy the keepsake and will be content until your wedding album is released.

There are many advantages to hosting an unplugged wedding, and your photographer can have you confident in doing so. Here at Misha Media Photography, we want to help you capture your wedding day magic. If you are interested in planning your Chicago wedding photographer, be sure to contact us today.

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