robilyn & darell

“Felicitaciones a Robilyn y Darell!”  That means “Congratulations to Robilyn & Darell” in Spanish.  We had the honor and privilege of photographing their wedding on the beach in Cancun, Mexico at the beautiful Hilton Cancun Golf & Spa Resort. Their wedding invitation and save the date card totally set the tone for their beach themed wedding!  From A to Z, they had all of their bases covered and everything was perfect – even the weather… We did have the dramatic clouds and imminent rain, but luckily, the rain waited and allowed them to have their beach ceremony and outdoor reception.

Thank you once again for choosing Misha Media! Your friends and families are beautiful inside and out and we hope that you’ll forever remember all the love, laughter, and togetherness during this Valentine’s week in Cancun.  We will forever remember our time with you… This was our first beach wedding and it couldn’t have been any better!

Here are our favorites.

Such a stunning bride!

And a handsome groom!


I loved their parasol!  Our first again!

Darell is showing respect to Robilyn’s dad by taking his hand and placing it on his forehead while bowing.  It is also called “mano”.  It is a Filipino tradition for a younger person to show their respect by “blessing” to their elderlies (ie. grandparents, parents, aunts & uncles).

Immediately after their ceremony, we had some time to photograph them with their bridal party… Of course at the beach, where else?! :)

“Flight” :  A Jordan inspired shot…

View more photos of the Hilton Cancun here.

There’s a fish in their center piece!

Hello Kitty Love!

Their wedding favors…

These were their cocktail stirrers.

Want more??  click below!

Check out their slideshow set to music.

Or click below to view it in a more traditional slideshow.

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  • michele

    :) thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Yes it’s real, not a photoshop trick…

  • Is that umbrella silhouette picture real??? Wow, I’m very impressed :)

  • Vanity Bride

    Absolutely stunning images!!! Great job guys :)

  • Albert Yau

    holy cow!!! love the pics. especially the second one with the shadow on the umbrella.

  • david lai

    oooh fun! my friend Ched was there at the wedding! hope you’re both having fun at wppi! :]

  • Luca Ragogna - Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Beautiful work. I love beach wedding photography and this is some of the nicest

  • These are some really great images. I especially love the wedding party shot and the bride and groom with the umbrella. And the detail images are outstanding! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Kevin Curtis

    What a lovely venue. Great job of capturing the personality of the couple and their party.

  • Unique images of a unique wedding!

  • Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

    Absolutely stunning! I especially love how you captured the sky in these!

  • Marinela Reglos

    Hello! I’m the aunt of Darell who attended his wedding in Cancun. I love your photographs, very creative.

  • bridal

    Great location,these are absolutely beautiful wedding photographs!
    Thanks for sharing…

  • Yazy

    Stunning!! Beautiful couple, images and lighting :)

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