italy engagement session | lisa & rinaldo : italy e-session

As soon as we arrived in Calabria, Italy, we photographed Lisa & Rinaldo for a quick engagement session a couple of days before their wedding. They chose the beautiful Diamante, Calabria which is located on the southern part of Italy (on the boot). We made it just in time for the sunset.  Considering that their wedding was in a couple of days, Lisa and Rinaldo were so relaxed.  We enjoyed spending the day with them and learned all about the Calabria region.  It was so beautiful, I asked them how they can ever leave Italy to live in Chicago.  I loved it so much!  There was this boardwalk area along the coast and it was so alive! There were so many places to eat, shop, live bands playing, and many people strolling along the boardwalk.  The Italian way of life is really laid back and all about family and friends.  Afterwards, we had a nice little dinner on the boardwalk, just chatting the night away.  Wedding photos coming next… but if you join us on Facebook, you might see some sooner than later… just sayin’!  =D


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