sara @ 8 months

“S” is for Sara!  Oh my, has Sara grown since I last photographed her! It’s always so much fun photographing lil Sara… What’s new?  Teething, cruising, and all smiles with the help of mommy!  I’ll see you when you turn one!

xoxo Michele

“Ahhh, it’s so soothing to bite on something when you’re teething!”

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  • Cesar Palima

    So adorable. I love her smile.

  • Joseph Pascua

    Adorable girl! LOVE Shot #5 in the dress. Soooo cute!

  • Ruben Edgardo

    Beautiful photos! I need pics for my grandson … :)

  • Joel Llacar

    She is just adorable!! She is loving being in front of those BIG cameras!!

  • mon

    what a cutie!!! i love all the colors… especially the last image. =)

  • Ed Pingol

    what a CUTIE PIE!!! such a ham. =)


  • Leujay

    Sooo cute! I love her big beautiful eyes!

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