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There was a cupid named “Evelyn” and the rest was history… Kim was originally from New Jersey and Jon is from Chicago.  They wanted their engagement session at Chicago O’Hare International Airport because for several years, they had a long distance relationship.  They frequented O’Hare to say the least, en route to see each other as often as they could, flying from Chicago to New Jersey and vice versa.  Going through a long distance relationship requires two very special people who are devoted to each other because it does take a lot of patience and understanding.  These two definitely knew what they wanted.  When you’re in a long distance relationship, there’s a certain feeling you get when you pick up your significant other at the airport… a certain flutter in your stomach… the anticipation, that first smile, the first hug, the first kiss… reassuring you that everything’s going to be okay…

O’Hare may not be the perfect place for an e-session, but for Kim & Jon, it couldn’t have been any more perfect!  Aside from Kim & Jon’s history with O’Hare, the airport also has awesome architecture, colors, light, and of course, tons of travelers!  We basically walked around the whole United Terminal 1 and shot everywhere.  Surprisingly, we didn’t get stopped by any security guards! :)  I know that if we got close to the airplanes, we would have been stopped for sure… so we took advantage of what O’Hare has to offer and here are our faves!  Kim & Jon, thank you for such a fun and unique engagement session!  We can’t wait to photograph your wedding next July!

xoxo Michele ( & Andy)

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and yes, we had time to do some goofy ones too!

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  • sonia

    Very nice . too bad the photographer could not enter inside the terminal. Did you guys nest at the airport ¿

  • Brennan Yanogacio

    Love it!

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