renaissance hotel wedding | emily & kevin


Thank you for sharing your day with us Emily & Kevin!  We wish you guys the best!!

xoxo Michele & Andy

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Bride’s Guide:

Fun Fact : Did you know that it’s TGISunday for wedding photographers?  Sunday is our Friday (unless we have a wedding)… then it’s TGIMonday!  But then there’s the emails from over the weekend, and teasers, and blog updates, engagement sessions, and editing those images…. hmmm… =D
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  • Ryan Gladstone

    The photo of the entire wedding party is classic!

  • Scout

    The pictures were very pretty and caught a lot of the different moments of the wedding. I wish the pictures would not have been quite as expensive. I had to cut out all on ones I really wanted (like 43) down to just 3. You did a great job taking requested photos. Good job!

  • Amanda

    Your pictures are so unique to you and Kevin…so much personality and absolutely beautiful!

  • Kelsey

    fabulous photos of an absolutely perfect day!

  • Myrna Babao

    Good pictures. Good poses captured. I would recommend you to anyone getting married!

  • Sue

    oh my gosh! you’re children are gonna be cute!

  • Lisa

    Love the pics!

  • Shelly

    Congrats guys! Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  • Amy

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! What wonderful memories of an incredible day!

  • Lea Fisher

    Love the pictures! What an amazing day!

  • Jon Villano

    A special day to keep in your memories, Kevin and Emily. Great photos!

  • Mike Niaki

    Congrats! and Beautiful Photos!!! It looks like the weather was perfect! :)

  • Brian

    Great photos! Love the shots where your train is blowin’ in the wind haha…

  • Minnie

    Awesome picture!

  • Liz

    Congrats Em and Kevin!! Love the pics!!

  • Emily

    Thanks so much, Michele and Andy!! I love the pictures!!

  • Emily

    So Beautiful!!! Congrats :)

  • Mindy

    love showing off those shoes with the sunburst! and the cake with green lighting. oh and the full bridal party shot :)

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