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** UPDATE to POST:: Photo shoot is closed as of 02-28-2009 at 8:30 pm CST.  Thank you all for participating!  I am looking forward to meeting and shooting with all of you!  Will email or FB details soon. =D

** UPDATE to POST :: I am going to limit the number of shooters to 20.  I honestly didn’t think I would get more than 10 :)  So please, if you’re wanting to shoot, please add your comment below!  Only 3 spots left!

I have been itching to shoot ever since my trip to Las Vegas for WPPI and I wanted to do something fun and surround myself with other people who also enjoy photography.  I get many random and not-so-random questions via Facebook or direct email or even mobile texts on photography =D  which I totally don’t mind, but how fun would it be if we just all go out there and shoot together?!  I don’t have the exact details as of now… I actually wanted to see how the response is going to be and then I can be better prepared for our shoot whether it be a photo safari or a shoot with models or maybe even both!  We’ll be going over some basic photography to get you more familiar with your camera and answer any questions that you may have.  It may be new to some and review to others.  The bottom line is, we’ll have fun doing it!

So all I need you to do is leave a comment on this blog entry below and indicate how many people would be coming with you.  Direct emailme@mishamedia.com if you have specific ideas or have a question about the shoot.  Here are the requirements:

  • Camera – please bring one!
  • Experience – newbie photogs to seasoned photogs – this is just for fun!  Come one, come all!
  • Must have fun!

My goal is to have this photo shoot in March (before my wedding season begins and hopefully we’ll have better Chicago weather – crossing fingers).    It can be 1 to 20 people, it doesn’t matter to me.  I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do and enjoy what I do.  I am still learning as well, and would love to share the knowledge that I have learned thus far…  If you’re passionate about photography and you want to improve your skills and take better pictures, the worst thing you can do is not show up… It’s FREE, and who doesn’t like free?  =D

This is a photo blog, so here’s a photo on my blog!  Shot by my husband Andy


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  • Kevin Visitacion

    Please add me in the list if someone cancels.:D
    Im 100% sure i can make it.

  • Aaron Tokarz

    if anyone cancels, do you have a list? i am a fan of your work and am a wedding photographer from the rockford, illinois area. i would love to be a part of what you have going on. i’m new to the business, but the people of rockford are eating up my style. i have 20 weddings booked this year and would really love to share what i have going on and would love to get some input. again, if there are any last minute cancellations, let me know. aaron

  • Gil

    OH Please tell me I’m note too late! Please! Please! Please!

  • Patrick Musni

    Hey Michele, im really interested! i just bought a new camera an im trying to figure out better ways to utilize it =), is it too late to get a spot? i wrote a message on facebook group as well. Im currently a visual communications student but i appreciate all forms of art, especially photography! I would really love this opportunity! =)

  • janmarc

    I’ll be there! I’m taking the next flight to Chicago!

  • Glen Abog

    Hey Michelle, I like!

  • Albert Yau

    Is it too late!?!? :(. I was sick all weekend and couldn’t really get online.

  • Christine

    sounds like fun ;)

  • Katie Beverley

    Aaahhhh, missed this one! It would be awesome to meet up some day!

  • Michelle

    count me in.

  • Mark Ramos

    That would be awesome. Im down. Hopefully I dont have work the day you have it.

  • m.santos

    if there’s still an open slot…i’m in! i’ll borrow my dad’s old camera for now until i can get my own.

  • Kirk Liu

    Sign me up!

  • Cheryl

    Count me in Michele!!!!!! I can’t wait…

  • Patrick Louie

    Looks fun to me.. Sign me up!

  • Anthony Tran

    Count me in =D I might bring my gf, is it ok if she just have a point and shoot?

  • Jimmy

    I’m down and I have a friend who might be joining us!!

  • Kasia & Ben

    Count us in! Kasia & Ben

  • Mari Rivera

    Mike and I would love to come! Maybe we’ll bring a friend :)

  • Mike Fan


  • Maricel

    Hi Michele! I am definitely in! Maybe I can drag Lawrence with me too! Thanks for the info…appreciate it!

  • Neelu

    I’m writing this on behalf of Rama…he’s definitely interested in learning to use his new SLR and also to just get out and shoot. Thanks for setting this up!

  • Daryl and Rachel

    Were definitely interested!! Were looking to invest in a new camera too.. any suggestions for two newbies like us?

  • Monica Z

    Chris and I are down:)

  • Alex Roy

    i am very interested!!! i would love to meet you all!

  • michael

    if i had a camera i would be all over this! i’d love to go through a workshop with mishamedia.

  • Yosef

    Yes please!

  • Charles

    im down for this and if it is ok i would like to spread the word to several of my buddies. catch u on the flipside shortae.

  • Gino Lagua

    I’m interested! =) New faces, new people. Awesome!

  • toners

    newbie with a cam wanna have fun

  • Marc

    Count me in! =D

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