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This is for all of our families and friends who cannot experience the beautiful season of Fall, simply because of their geographic locations… this is through my eyes, with the company of my family sharing the love for photography… Happy Fall to all!  For my fellow Chicagoans and Midwesterners, it’s not too late to capture the beauty… go out there and shoot!  It’s not going to last much longer…   See behind the scene photos here.

Camera : Nikon D3

Lenses: 50mm & 105mm


The beauty about not having to drive… I shot this through the window of our car en route to Starved Rock.  The rays of sunlight was amazing!

Starved-Rock-Fall-2009002Again, through the window of our car… Power lines that look like Pokemon…


Real life Farmville… lol… Thanks Mari for the heads up!


There were sooo many lady bugs!




It actually rained for about 10 minutes right when we arrived… passing rain, perfect for water droplets on the leaves…


My 9 year old niece, Maddie, found this little snake (about the size of a large earthworm) in the grass… how she found him, I have no idea… I “burned” the edges just to make him pop out a little bit in the photo.  Otherwise, the color of this snake helps to camouflage him against the grass, sticks, and dried leaves.


We wanted to travel light and did not bring a tripod, but I really wanted to slow my shutter down to capture the motion of the waterfall.  Held my breath, wedged myself right against the rocks and squeezed my shutter.

f 14, 1/5 s, with continuous shutter release of my camera.


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  • Jay Crihfield

    Wow you guys hit starved rock at the perfect time….i’m afraid if i went out there now all the cool leaves would be gone! looks like you had a lot of fun!

  • admin

    Susanna: No filters, I had 2 lenses the whole day… 50mm and 105mm and of course my D3 :) WB: Cloudy

    Heather: Thanks for sharing your link! I try to do this every year during our Fall season. Fall my favorite season and I just love the colors and everything about it… It makes you feel small in the grand scheme of things and really makes me appreciate everything in life… :) BTW, where were you at the GTG?

  • heather parker photography

    its amazing what you can see when you leave the city isn’t it? i’m originally from boston so i was a bit bummed with the lack of extreme foliage that i was used to. chicago had foliage but not the same. i also haven’t been outside chicago during foliage season so thank you for sharing this and showing me that there IS in fact photo-worthy foliage ourside chicago… i recently went on a “roadside america” (roadsideamerica.com) trip on a rare sunday off and traveled across IL across the mississippi i guess just to compare how rural IL may be different than the hilly rural New England i was used to. i went about a month ago so i didn’t get the foliage but here are a few snapshots here if you care to see http://bit.ly/2JYY4b again thanks for posting these!!!!

  • Susanna Fong

    beautiful album! im glad you got out for some “recreational” photography ;)
    what lenses were you using? filters?

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