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When Marissa & Zelig told us that they wanted their engagement session at the elementary school that Marissa taught at, we were so excited!  Something new, something definitely different, and something that was so them.  You can tell that Marissa is such a passionate teacher.  She really cares about her students and we loved seeing her classroom. Zelig is so in love with Marissa and supports her all the way in everything that she does.  They’re both on a major health kick and seem to join all marathons.  They even did the “Hussle up the Hancock” in, I think they said, 12 minutes!  We couldn’t even hussle up the 4 flights of stairs to get to Marissa’s classroom… LOL!  And when we made it up to the top, we needed a little breather before we started the session… haha… These two are so in to each other!  They are so cute!   A special thank you to Mindy & Doug (from 2009), and Molly & Michael (2010) for referring Marissa & Zel to  us!

Marissa & Zel, thank you for an awesomely unique engagement session!  See you in 5 months for the big day!

xoxo Michele & Andy

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Fun Fact: Michele loves to Zumba…  Andy tried to Zumba once… it wasn’t a pretty sight!

What’s new? Off to start our 2011 season to photograph Becky & Bryce’s wedding this Saturday!  Check out their e-session because it was also a themed engagement session!


Love these last 3 images below… such a sweet moment.


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  • LJ

    Great set! I love the couple’s idea to shoot at the school. Very unique!

  • Cesar Palima

    Sweet! I love how you captured their emotions.

  • ben

    nice! love the real moments!!!… keep it up…

  • Ruben Edgardo


  • Jessica Frey

    What great use of flash in fun locations and the natural light shots are gorgeous. Great work with a unique and fun location!

  • Ed Pingol

    using the locker as a softbox is GENIUS!!!


  • Joey

    Love these images. I love the library images. The locker image with the light is pretty cool too! Makes you wonder what’s inside!

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