Three Tips for Hiring the Right Wedding Transportation

Planning a wedding in Chicago comes with a slew of vendor decisions that have to be made. There are many talented wedding professionals to choose from in the Chicago area! The mode of transportation that you pick can have a big impact on the efficiency of your event, so you want to be sure that you’re choosing the right person for the job. We’re here with some tips so you can find the right wedding transportation in Chicago.

Ask if they’ve serviced a wedding at your venue
It’s important that a potential transportation provider has experience with your wedding venue. Weddings are time sensitive events, and even the tiniest hold up can create a domino effect of delayed vendors. Be sure to ask if they have serviced a wedding at your specific venue. If they have, they will already be familiar with the pick up and drop off areas, where to park, or any other specific guidelines that your venue has.

Inquire about coming to view the vehicle you’re interested in
It’s imperative that you ask potential limo and party bus companies if you can come view the vehicle before you sign a contract or put any money down. Having lots of experience in the wedding industry, we are familiar with horror stories of vehicles breaking down or showing up in a dirty state. The best way to ensure the quality of the vehicle that will show up is to view it beforehand. Not only will this give you a better visual of what to expect, but you’ll also have a chance to talk with the company face to face before making a final decision.

Get a sample contract to look over before signing
All of the important details and guidelines are inside of the contract. It’s an important stage of every wedding vendor decision that you will make. When it comes to your transportation contract, you will want to look out for any terms that outline extra charges. These might come in the form of taxes, fuel or mileage charges, or tip to the driver.

It’s true that weddings come with a lot of hard decisions in the planning stages, but once you figure out your transportation, it’s easier for everything else to fall into place. For more information, check out this Chicago Limousine Company.

  1. My older sister is getting married in a month to her fiance and they want to hire wedding transportation for the big day. I agree that it would be smart to ask potential transportation providers if they have any experience with your venue so you know if they are prepared. I will share this suggestion with my sister so she can find a great limo service for her wedding.

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