winter in chicago

I have to temporarily interrupt Robilyn & Darell’s blog updates to share a little bit of what I did yesterday… Yesterday, I shot for myself =D  As a photographer, sometimes you just gotta go out there and shoot… anything and anywhere… so I picked up my camera and had a photo drive (usually called a photo ‘walk’) but in the midst of winter, I persuaded Andy to drive me around our neighborhood… It was so beautiful after the snowfall we had overnight from Sunday to Monday.  I was so inspired to get the shots because I knew that the beauty wouldn’t last too long… So with frozen fingers and toes, I shot these images for my winter 2010 collections…   Photographer’s note:  All images shot w/ my Nikon D3 and Nikor 85mm f1.4.  Yup, I’m a Nikon girl, and darn proud of it!

I wasn’t as lucky last year with the newly fallen snow look.  But if you want to check out images from last winter, click here.

’til next time… Michele =)

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  • foster garvin

    Michele, great stuff here, I really like the subjects you select and how you capture them. We gotta get you a nickname :>) Very nice work!

  • Katy Gray

    Love the mailbox shot! And the berries are just beautiful, love that subdued red.

  • Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

    Beautiful images! Thank you for sharing.

  • michele

    Thank you for the comments everyone! Shooting for myself always relaxes me and it just brings me back to the whole reason why I picked up a camera in the first place… I’m truly passionate about photography!

  • Darell

    did you copy and paste this from a national geographic site? j/k….name me a time you did a bad job on your photos???? think really hard!!!! that’s what i thought!!!! NICE JOB again!!!

  • Kelly

    Great pictures! The weather people on NBC (Ginger Zee and Brant Miller) are always looking for pictures to show on the 10pm news…CRY has already had one picture on :)

  • Otto Rascon

    These images are beautiful, and that opening image with the horse rocks. I am so glad to hear that other photogs go out and shoot for themselves. Kudos to you. And GO NIKON!

  • joy

    Those are beautiful shots. I have always loved taking pictures of the snow. I wished it wasn’t so dang cold. You do wonderful work.

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