You should have fun within your engagement photos!

Your engagement is an exciting time with your partner. You have officially declared your level of devotion and your intent to spend the rest of your lives together. You will forever share your strong bond, inside jokes, cohesive personalities, and wonderful sense of togetherness. Why not celebrate your beautiful new commitment with a photo shoot?

The best part? You can bring your personalities to your photo shoot and have fun with it. Together you will take incredible photos, and have a great time.

Here at Misha Media Photography, we love when a couple has fun within their photos. That’s why we have put together a few ways that you can have fun within your own engagement photos. If you are engaged and would like to celebrate, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Add a little pizzazz with props. What better way to have fun with your partner than to incorporate props? Whether you throw on some fake mustaches, let your inner geek out with toy light sabers or your favorite cosplay items, or even bring along some signs with playful messages. Props can transform your engagement photos into fun and happy images with a unique twist.
  • Fun ways to show off that ring. One of the first questions you will hear after you announce your engagement is “what does the ring look like?”. This common question can be answered within your engagement shoot. Finding fun and playful ways to show off your new ring is a great way to showcase that gorgeous rock. From making hand prints in the sand together and placing your rings on the right finger to placing it on your furry friend’s nose, you have an unlimited amount of possibilities to show off your bling.
  • Locations with sentimental value. As a couple, you have shared precious life experiences and created special memories all over the place, from your local bowling alley to your trip to the beach. You are not at a loss for settings when searching for a place for your photo shoot. You can recreate funny and loving memories, such as the time you first met at the fair and your partner spilled their chili dog all over your shirt. Your photos will have a meaningful setting and tell a part of your love story.

Your engagement is a time to enjoy with your partner. You can bring this fun and happiness to your photo shoot with these tips. Here at Misha Media Photography, we want to help you capture incredible engagement photos. If you are ready to discuss your own Illinois photo shoot, feel free to contact us today.

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